Industrial / Machinery translation

Traducción técnica, Traducciones técnicas

Precision in terminology and high specialization

One of our primary goals has always been to offer a quality service to the industrial sector, which has often been dissatisfied with translation agencies who do not have the professionals needed to undertake highly specialized translations. The ideal professionals for each project are selected from our team of expert translators and engineers, who are always native in the target language and have experience in the discipline required: construction, automotive, electronics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, transportation, telecommunications, energy and environment, and so on. We translate technical specifications; instruction, maintenance and user manuals; operating guides; patents; quality standards; process descriptions; technical drawings; CAD plans; leaflets and corporate documentation. We offer flexible solutions to fit our clients’ budgets and deadlines.


Tremco Illbruck – Product information sheets for sealing and bonding materials.

Our client had to regularly translate and format the layout of product information sheets and needed a fixed price per unit in order to simplify their cost management.

The data sheets contained very specific technical information using chemical and construction terminology and the content and formatting challenges both varied across sheets. We looked for ways to classify the documents and were able to offer three prices per standard data sheet unit. In short, we took on board the client's main concern and adapted to it, absorbing any variation between data sheets internally.

When it comes to technical translation, our combined translation and layout service offers the client the finished project at a cost-effective price.

What our clients say

“In a sector as specialized as ours, LexiaPark help us reach more people around the world on a daily basis”

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