Specialised translation, localisation, and multilingual communication

Translation, writing, and proofreading services in every language

Interpreting, transcription, reading, and dubbing services

Marketing, assessment, and linguistic consulting services


Tailored Projects and Teams

Great flexibility. We adapt to the size and nature of any project, and create ad hoc teams. In this way we can efficiently coordinate any project, abstaining from superflous expenses and respecting submission deadlines. [+]


Specialised Translations

Quality and accuracy in all subject areas. For each discipline we count on the expertise of professional native speakers in whichever language combinations you require. If needed, we will find them in order to ensure that each translation is faithful to the content of the original document, and that it applies the proper terminology for the industry. [+]


Offices in Barcelona and Berlin

In order to provide a better service for our core market, we now maintain offices in Barcelona and Berlin. [+]


Swift and Punctual

Estimates calculated within an hour, adjusted deadlines, urgent submissions. lexiapark knows what its clients' days are like and adapts to their submission deadlines with utmost punctuality. [+]


From patents to videogames

No format is too difficult. Technical manuals, audiovisual material, e-learning, websites, patents, IT applications, advertising material, videogames… [+]


We make difficult tasks easy

We are by your side, not only as service providers, but almost as an additional branch within your company. For this reason we will be able to understand your needs and our proposals will always be practical and cost-efficient.


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Client Reviews

“Very professional, punctual and efficient. They are always able to help us, even when we need to work with very tight, urgent deadlines.” José Cazorla, Grup Eina Digital

"We like their promptness and quality in specialised technical translations, as well as their transparency for the whole work process." Ramon Eixarch, Maths for MoreWIRIS.com

"Professional counseling and, above all, very punctual in the delivery time. It is a pleasure to work with them. They offer flexibility and quality in highly specialised translations." Marta de Beascoa, BAYROL Ibérica

Our translation services:

Specialised translations:

Specialisation is the key to a good translation. Technical translations, legal, business translations. Automotive sector, e-learning, software localisation, manufacturing sector.

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