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Our clients trust us because we offer:


        > Highest quality
        > 100% Native translators
        > Highest specialisation by sector
        > Outmost punctuality in every delivery
        > Price reduction through process automation
        > Additional services: localisation, proofreading....


Would you like to be certain that your translations will be as fluent and precise as the original text?

At lexiapark we thoroughly analyse the texts that need to be translated, carefully select the native translators and editors who will participate in each project, and prepare terminology glossaries and customised translation memories for each client.


Do you need a supplier who will always deliver the texts by the specified deadline?

At lexiapark we are accustomed to being on a hurry, to great volumes of work and almost impossible delivery dates. As a result of expert planification and project management, the adequate allocation of resources and use of the latest technologies, we can control each part of the project accurately and guarantee on-time delivery.


Would you like a translations partner who will look after cost reduction and process efficacy as much as yourself?

At lexiapark we know that translation costs can climb sharply, most of all when you are working with large volumes. Many times, these costs can be significantly reduced with a careful analysis of the project, through alternative strategies, by putting certain considerations into practice from the beginning, or with the automation of some processes. We do not wait for the client to ask as part of our philosophy is knowing how to put ourselves in their place, and promote the viability of each project to the highest extent .

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Client Reviews

"They deliver quality even for the most specialised translations and complex formats. Extreme adaptability, prompt response, courtesy and exquisite manner of doing business..." Azucena Corredera, Instituto de Evaluación (Ministry of Education)

“Impeccable, professional and customised. They have gotten me out of a few predicaments; I know I can count on them.” Oscar Sánchez, Personal Grand Technology

Last minute projects are their specialty. They will do whatever it takes to help you meet a translation deadline.” Cristina Sassot, ESADE Business School

Our translation services:

Specialised translations:

Specialisation is the key to a good translation. Technical translations, legal, business translations. Automotive sector, e-learning, software localisation, manufacturing sector.

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