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Communication needs analysis, internal and external resources, and document generation and storage. Thanks to the help of an independent expert, your company can optimise all the processes related to documentation management, and can enhance the efficiency and quality level of your internal translations department.



Terminology analysis in the company and standardisation of terms. Creation of glossaries and translation memories.


Assessment of CAT and content management

Counseling given to large translations consumers over assisted translation systems, content managers, automatic translation, work flows, etc. Continued support in the subsequent implementation.


Internationalization assessment

Counseling over what are the best strategies to create a truly multilingual product, regardless whether it is a computer application, a website, or e-learning material... A correct planning of the product in the first stages of concept and development will allow cost reduction and greater profitability.


Human Resources

Evaluation or selection of specialised staff with particular linguistic abilities. Selection of staff for temporary projects or indefinite contracts.

lexiapark puts at its clients' disposal a phone service in which to test the level of knowledge in any language.



Training for translators, language courses, verbal and written communication workshops, and translation tools courses.




Language level tests for any language, carried out remotely

Does you company need to evaluate the language skills of possible candidate for a job position?

lexiapark offers this remote service and administers language level tests in written form, by videoconference of by telephone, to evaluate whether the candidate you have chosen masters the languages that the position requires. Ask us!

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Client Reviews

"They deliver quality even for the most specialised translations and complex formats. Extreme adaptability, prompt response, courtesy and exquisite manner of doing business..." Azucena Corredera, Instituto de Evaluación (Ministry of Education)

“Impeccable, professional and customised. They have gotten me out of a few predicaments; I know I can count on them.” Oscar Sánchez, Personal Grand Technology

Last minute projects are their specialty. They will do whatever it takes to help you meet a translation deadline.” Cristina Sassot, ESADE Business School

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