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Your market base has no limits


Thanks to our localisation service, you will be able to broaden your market base as much as you wish, with the conviction that you are offering a product that is completely adapted to the local market, linguistically as well as culturally.


Maximise the Profitability of your Project

By broadening your market base, you can multiply your project's profitability by as many languages as you wish. The localisation cost of a product is proportionately less than the initial investment in its development.


What does lexiapark offer


What is localisation?

It is the process of adapting a computer program, website, or multimedia application for its use in a specific local market. Aside from the translation of texts, there are local cultural aspects to consider such as the format used for time, dates, and numbers, currency, the way people are addressed, and printing formats, along with other aspects that have a deeper role in the application, such as image selection, direction in which texts and images are read, or space reserved for texts.


Localisation Projects

At lexiapark we know that localisation projects have special characteristics, and we know how to handle them from the very beginning -from internationalisation assessment to final testing.


Localisation Tools

In order to settle all the tasks involved with localisation projects, lexiapark takes advantage of the most advanced tools, such as Catalyst or Passolo. Furthermore, when the format or programming requires custom tools, lexiapark develops its own applications, like our text extractor for VisualBasic forms, or our extraction and insertion tool for texts in Photoshop files.


What about prices?

Localisation does not imply high costs. On the contrary, at lexiapark we use the most advanced technology for the benefit of our clients. Our philosophy is to transfer to them the output enhancement that we gain through the use of these tools.


See for yourself: We can analyse your projects so you can make certain that what we say is true.

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Client Reviews

“Very professional, punctual and efficient. They are always able to help us, even when we need to work with very tight, urgent deadlines.” José Cazorla, Grup Eina Digital

"We like their promptness and quality in specialised technical translations, as well as their transparency for the whole work process." Ramon Eixarch, Maths for MoreWIRIS.com

"Professional counseling and, above all, very punctual in the delivery time. It is a pleasure to work with them. They offer flexibility and quality in highly specialised translations." Marta de Beascoa, BAYROL Ibérica

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