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Cut costs from the beginning by planning the project correctly


If you produce software, or develop websites, multimedia applications or games, and you are evaluating the possibility of localising them, it is advisable to incorporate internationalisation in the earliest stages of the product's development cycle. In fact, this should be included in the requirements definition, before the architectural design.


How can one reduce costs?

Internationalisation and localisation costs are inversely proportional. The more you invest in the internationalisation of an IT product, the less you need to spend on its localisation. If you take into account that localisation is usually done in several languages, then each problem solved means the savings are multiplied by the number of local versions.


What is internationalisation?


By internationalisation we mean the preparation of a software product so that it can be easily adapted to each specific local market, in the localisation phase.


For example, in the framework of that adaptation we should consider, among others, the following aspects: 

-         Sizing of boxes to allow extension

-         Numerical formats

-         Date and time formats

-         Currency formats

-         Division of phrases

-         Character encoding

-         Images with embedded text

-         Text in source code


Previous analysis is essential.

At lexiapark we can help you by carrying out a localisation analysis of your product or by specifically assessing the requisites definition.


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